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First of all, let me thank to the founder, Chairman & Managing Director of "Abhinandana Group Companies"for providing me the opportunity to evince my interests to lead the Organization in a better prospective way under his glory & gracious guidance.
I believe that the Organization has now become the Trend Setter in fulfilling the objects of its principles in gaining the Confidence, Faith, Belief and Trust of the Esteemed Customers since its inception in the fields of Property Development, Construction, Animal Husbandry, Education and in Agri-Business.
By pledging ourselves to the commitment, we had to become more responsible and enthusiastic with dynamic attitude in placing our organization in the First Place of its Race to achieve the fixed Targets and to gain more and more Satisfactions of the customers by providing the world class amenities even to a common man at an affordable cost price and eventually taking our organization to Apex levels.

I believe in "Success isn't about how much money you make, it's about the difference you make in people's lives."
                                           Wish the Almightly bless our endeavours with Fortune....

Sai Sudhakar Kommalapati, M.S.
(Structural Engineer, University of Kansas, U.S.A.)
Executive Director,
Anubandana Infra Tech (P) Ltd.,
Abhinadana Group Companies.

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